Rye pancakes with Chanterelle, Rocket and Labneh topping


I’ making the most of my maternity leave and have travelled back home to Sweden with my two sons to spend the next few weeks enjoying the company of family and friends and spend time in nature away from the big city of London.
Growing up we used to go to the forest to pick mushrooms and  berries during the summer and autumn. This is something I really miss living away from home. I’m now teaching my son about all the edible treats in the forest.

Looking for chanterelles is like going on a treasure hunt! You have to look really hard for them as they hide under the vegetation. This suited my son a treat as he is really into pirates!
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Serves 4 (makes 8 pancakes)
Rye pancakes with Chanterelle, Rocket and Labneh topping
Pancake batter:
100 g rye flour
100 g spelt flour
3 free range or organic eggs
300 ml water
200 ml natural yoghurt
pinch of sea salt
400 g chanterelle
80 g rocket salad, toss in lemon juice
4 spring onions, chopped
1 batch of labneh, see recipe bellow
30 g pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted in pan
1 tbsp lemon juice
zest of 1 lemon
20 g butter
olive oil
sea salt
Labneh recipe:
400 ml Greek/Turkish yoghurt
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tsbp extra virgin olive oil
To make the labneh combine the yoghurt, olive oil and salt and place in a muslin cloth, bring the corner edges together and tightly tie together and placed in a sieve. Place a bowl underneath to collect the liquid. Leave in the fridge for 24-48 hours. (You can also use a coffee filter) If you don’t have time for this you can substitute the Labneh with ricotta cheese, goats curd or any other fresh cheese.
To make the pancake batter, combine the two flours and salt in a large bowl. Add the water while whisking to make sure there are no lumps. I use a ballon whisk for best result. Whisk in the eggs and the yoghurt. Let the batter rest while you prepare the toppings.
Fry the chanterelles in butter on high heat for about 5 min and set a side. Before serving they can be re-heated again.
Fry the spring onion in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil, remove from pan and set aside.
Lightly toast the pumpkin seed in a dry pan for 1 minute then set aside.
When cooking the pancakes I prefer to use a cast iron pan as I find the pancakes being more “airy” and not so dense as when you use a non stick pan. Add a small amount of oil to the pan and turn up the heat to high. Pour in enough batter to thinly cover the pan. Rotate the pan so the batter cover the entire base of pan. As the iron goes really hot the pancakes will cook fast.
Toss the rocket salad in lemon juice.
To serve, top the pancakes with rocket salad tossed in lemon juice, butter fried chanterelles, spring onion, a dollop of labneh, toasted pumpkin seeds and lemon zest.


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