Walnut and Nutmeg energy balls

When we where younger our father used to make a cake called Žito. He called it “Stone cake”. This cake is traditionally eaten during Slava, a Serbian Orthodox tradition celebration the family’s patron saint. The cake is made by boiling whole wheat grains and then adding cream, sugar, ground walnuts and nutmeg. It was not the most appetizing looking cake, like it’s name it looked like a grey stone, but the flavour was great!
The cake came to mind after taking to my father the other day. He is going to Belgrade for the Autumn to do some writing and hold a talk at the institution of Time. There is a bakery in central Belgrade that sell the most amazing Žito, served with whipped cream.
These energy balled are nothing like the cake but the flavour of walnut and nutmeg inspired them. They only take minutes to make,
Makes 20 balls
Walnut and Nutmeg energy balls
200 g walnuts
150 g dates
2 tsp ground nutmeg
Combine all the ingredients in a high powered food processor and blitz for 3-4 minutes. The mixture should have a grainy look. See above.
Roll the mixture into 20 evenly sized balls.
Store the balls in an airtight container.




9 thoughts on “Walnut and Nutmeg energy balls

    1. Yes the ones Bakica used to make!! Wow I had forgotten about them. She always made a batch of the balls at the same time she made walnut merengue. These are minus all the refined sugar. And you are right I never liked her walnut balls but loved the Zito. Try these I think you will love them. Xx


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