Cinnamon, Seed and Nut Granola

Granola is my go to breakfast. I make a jar every other week. Depending on what I have at home, the granola turns out differently each time. I have made this batch with a generous helping of cinnamon, as this adds a great flavour, and chopped almond. I pack my granola full of seeds and nuts but you could also add some dried fruit. Remember that if you are adding dried fruit, mix this in and bake in the oven for the last 5 or 10 minutes or you end up with burned crunchy bits in your breakfast bowl.
I normally eat the granola with some natural yoghurt and add some fresh berries or fruit depending on what’s in season. Raspberries, blueberries, grated apple…… the chose it yours.


Cinnamon, Seed and Nut Granola
350g rolled oats, use gluten free is needed
50g pumpkin seeds
50g sunflower seeds
50g chia seeds
100g almonds, roughly chopped
50g coconut flakes
3 tbsp cinnamon
60 ml rapeseed oil
2 tbsp honey
50 ml maple syrup
Pre heat the oven to 150°C/300 °F
In a large bowl mix together all the ingredients except for the coconut flakes.
Transfer the mixture to a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and add the coconut flakes and mix well.
Bake in the oven for a further 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and let the granola cool.
Store the granola in an air tight container.



12 thoughts on “Cinnamon, Seed and Nut Granola

  1. WHOA, that looks heavenly! I made a big batch of granola yesterday and absolutely cannot stop nibbling on it. SO good! 🙂 I like mine with maple syrup, coconut oil, and pecans. I love your blog, by the way – so glad I found it, and will definitely be back looking for more recipes!

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