I have been talking about setting up a food blog for some time now. My close friends would be able to confirm this! It started just before I got pregnant with my oldest son Casper five years ago.  The plan was to write a blog when I was on maternity leave. But when he arrived I found myself endlessly walking the streets of Islington trying to get him to sleep.
My initial belief, thinking that I would have a lot of time on my hands soon disappeared. Before I knew it it was time to return to work and the plans for the blog was temporarily put on the shelf but not forgotten.
The time passed and I constantly made up excuses to myself why now wasn’t the right time to start. I read a lot of food blogs and I think it frightened me not to be able to do a blog that looked good, not knowing how blogging worked and so on……
A day not long ago a friend pointed out to me that all the blogs I read are well established and it has taken the writers time to make it to where they are today. It was only then I realised that the blog writing had to begin as I owned it to myself to start the journey.  
I had my second son Harry  earlier this year and this time I have been blessed with a baby that sleeps so I have more time on my hands.
I’m a Swede living in London and this blog will be where I share easy, delicious and healthy recipes.
I hope you will enjoy!