Toasted Buckwheat, Roast Carrot, Orange and Crispy Kale Salad


I actually prepared and perfected this recipe weeks back, but going back to work has taken a a lot of adjusting. Getting used to get ready in the morning, doing pick up for two boys at different locations and trying to work out a balance between work and home life.
I’m hoping that I will get back into a routine and post more recipes here as this is something that I have really enjoyed over the last year.
Here is my very late recipe for ‘Toasted Buckwheat, Roast Carrot, Orange and Crispy Kale Salad’. I have made this salad many time now and really enjoy it on it’s own or with some feta cheese, pan fried sea bass or some roasted chicken.

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Quinoa, Sweet potato, Herbs and Barberries Fritters with Saffron and Orange Yoghurt


My year of maternity is nearly coming to an end. As I’m writing this I only have two more weeks at home with baby Harry before he starts full time with the child minder and I full time at work. I have mixed feeling about this, part of me is really excited about getting back to work but the other part is dreading not spending the day with Harry and not being able to pick up Casper from school. But I know that both boys will be in good hands until I pick them up.
We have been eating really healthily  during my maternity leave as I have had the time to plan and try new meals. This has left us feeling better and provided us with extra energy, well needed with a new baby. Eating health is a lifestyle that I’m not intending to stop, so going back to work will mean having to get super organised with my meal planning and do some food prep during the weekend. Without a plan it’s easy to opt for a take away or a bag of fresh pasta when you get back from work late and dying from hunger. But with everything easily available in your fridge, and a plan on the wall there is little chance of failure.
I will share my planning and meal prep ideas in a future post but now I would like to share the recipe for these fritters. They take a bit of work but are well worth the effort.
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Chocolate Cake with Christmas Spiced Orange Syrup, dairy and gluten free


My Ecuadorian friend Susanna visited Europe a few weeks ago to participate in a chocolate fair here in London and one in Paris. She develops some of the best chocolate that I have ever tasted. She kindly left me with a bag of chocolate couverture to do something tasty with.
Montecristi Chocolate is an organic chocolate couverture named after one of the most iconic towns in the region of Manabi, Ecuador. Susanna buys the cacao bean directly from the farmer at a fair price and produces the finished product in the country of origin. This benefits the local economy and the small scale farmers.
The cake recipe I came up with is both dairy and gluten free. I have tried to keep the amount of refined sugar to a minimum, using agave syrup as a substitute. The coconut oil is a perfect match with the chocolate that has hints of tropical fruit. To make the cake more festive I made a spiced orange syrup and served with freshly cut orange segments.

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Cinnamon, Seed and Nut Granola

Granola is my go to breakfast. I make a jar every other week. Depending on what I have at home, the granola turns out differently each time. I have made this batch with a generous helping of cinnamon, as this adds a great flavour, and chopped almond. I pack my granola full of seeds and nuts but you could also add some dried fruit. Remember that if you are adding dried fruit, mix this in and bake in the oven for the last 5 or 10 minutes or you end up with burned crunchy bits in your breakfast bowl.
I normally eat the granola with some natural yoghurt and add some fresh berries or fruit depending on what’s in season. Raspberries, blueberries, grated apple…… the chose it yours.
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Spiced roasted Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Plum Tomato salad with Coriander and Lime Yoghurt

I don’t particularly like chickpeas in their whole form. I find the consistency a bit weird. I have tried to like them but no…..
Now I can say I love them whole!! When roasted they turn nice and crunchy.  Make sure to serve them when they are still warm as they loose their crunch when they cool. They are still really nice but have more of a chewy consistency.
I’m so glad over my recent revelation as this is a great healthy addition to any salad. The peas for this salad got an Indian spiced twist but you could play around with the flavouring. Next on my list is to mix them with crushed garlic and rosemary.

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Walnut and Nutmeg energy balls

When we where younger our father used to make a cake called Žito. He called it “Stone cake”. This cake is traditionally eaten during Slava, a Serbian Orthodox tradition celebration the family’s patron saint. The cake is made by boiling whole wheat grains and then adding cream, sugar, ground walnuts and nutmeg. It was not the most appetizing looking cake, like it’s name it looked like a grey stone, but the flavour was great!
The cake came to mind after taking to my father the other day. He is going to Belgrade for the Autumn to do some writing and hold a talk at the institution of Time. There is a bakery in central Belgrade that sell the most amazing Žito, served with whipped cream.
These energy balled are nothing like the cake but the flavour of walnut and nutmeg inspired them. They only take minutes to make,
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Soya marinated Tofu Summer rolls with Peanut sauce


My sister came over for dinner, and I made summer rolls as this is one of her favourite dishes.
Summer rolls are really easy to make as long as you make sure to prepare all the ingredients properly before the rolling begins. I have filled mine with marinated baked tofu and crunchy vegetables and it’s the peanut sauce that bring them alive. The sauce is so delicious you could eat it with a spoon (this is what my sister did).
The traditional Vietnamese summer roll is filled with rice noodles, herbs and prawns. The beauty of summer rolls is that you can fill them with anything that you fancy. You can alter them depending on what you have in the fridge.

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Miso Aubergine with Soba noodles and Peas


We have returned back home in London after six wonderful weeks in Sweden with family and friends. It was sad to leave but I was also looking forward to coming home and getting back into routine, both for the boys and for myself. And off course to be reunited with Seb! Casper is back at nursery and will start “big school” in two weeks.
One of the first things I did after coming home was to plan a healthy menu for the week. I have to admit that I over indulged during my time away. This is what I cooked today.
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Roasted Beetroot, pickled Beetroot, roasted Carrot and Goat cheese salad

My resent visit to the vegetable market inspired this salad. They where selling fresh beetroot and carrots from the sunny island of Gotland. Gotland is a large island off the Swedish coast in the East Sea. I returned from Gotland this Monday after spending a week  there with my two sons and some close friends of mine and their sons.
It was the “Medieval week” in Visby and the whole city was packed with people dressed in medieval clothing including a wast number of knights. Casper, my oldest walked around with a constant smile on his face and kept on pointing out all the knights with swords.

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Vegan Strawberry Ice cream

We went to the “pick your own” farm outside Uppsala to take home some strawberries. It had rained the night before so the fields where covered in mud under the straw.
The girl who showed us where to pick kindly advised that they where recommending bringing boots on their website. I had totally missed this note when checking opening hours! Casper and I tip toed into the field in open sandals with Harry in baby carrier on my front.

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