Rainbow Chard, Potato and Herb Frittata


After a sunny day on the Heath in freezing cold weather it was nice to get home and do some cooking while Seb was playing with the boys. We had a tasty roast during the day I decided to cook up something light for dinner. I have been perfecting the recipe for my Rainbow Chard, Potato and Herb Frittata over the last week. The ratio of potato VS chard was not right on my first attempt and the potato I used for the second attempt was too ‘floury’ but this time I think I got it right! Lucky that as my family are getting tired, of having the same dish for lunch and dinner every other day.
I served up my frittata with some kale massaged with lemon juice, olive oil and a pinch of salt, a green salad will also do the trick, and sumac yoghurt. Use Greek/Turkish yoghurt with a generous spoon of sumac.
This dish is really easy to make and only take 30 minutes if you follow the recipe in the right order.

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Warm Potato salad with Chanterelle, Broad beans and Dill


If you happened to be out in the forest  just outside a small place called Säter in the north of Sweden two days ago and heard a loud scream then that must have been me!
I travelled up there with my father and two sons to visit Ingrid in her country house. I wanted to make the most of having her and my father at hand and so I put my  wellies on and headed into the forest for a mushroom hunt and a couple of child free hours of peace. Just me, the forest and million mosquitoes.

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