Roasted Sweet potato and Chickpeas with Harissa Yoghurt. Served with Kale, Pomegranate, Orange and Pecan salad

The first time I had a ‘massaged’ kale salad was at my cousins Christmas party in Sweden last year. One of her friends had made it, it was a healthy Ceasar salad and I remember thinking how can raw kale be so nice? The friend of my cousin told me that the secret to nice raw kale was to give it a quick massage as this would make the green leaves softer.
When I told Seb that I was making him ‘massaged’ kale salad for dinner he took the mick out of me. But he too, is now a convert and …… raw kale.
I have paired the salad with roasted sweet potato wedges topped with harissa yoghurt and crispy roasted chickpeas.

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Roasted Roots and Quinoa Salad


I have been making many roasted vegetable salads lately. There are two reasons for this, first of all I love roasted vegetables and secondly they are great when you try to cook and have a unpredictable 8 month old baby to care for. I sometimes prepare the vegetables during his morning nap. This makes the dinner preparation so much easier. The salad can be served warm or cold, on it’s own or as a side with meat or other vegetable dishes.

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Black Rice Salad with burnt Corn and Avocado

I know we are coming into colder weather but I had to post the recipe for this salad as it’s so good. I have made it three times now and won’t get bored of it. I will probably make it a few more times while there is fresh corn at the green grocer. The salad is great on it’s own or as a side to meat or fish. When I made it for a party the other week, we ate it with corn nachos.
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Spiced roasted Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Plum Tomato salad with Coriander and Lime Yoghurt

I don’t particularly like chickpeas in their whole form. I find the consistency a bit weird. I have tried to like them but no…..
Now I can say I love them whole!! When roasted they turn nice and crunchy.  Make sure to serve them when they are still warm as they loose their crunch when they cool. They are still really nice but have more of a chewy consistency.
I’m so glad over my recent revelation as this is a great healthy addition to any salad. The peas for this salad got an Indian spiced twist but you could play around with the flavouring. Next on my list is to mix them with crushed garlic and rosemary.

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Roasted Beetroot, pickled Beetroot, roasted Carrot and Goat cheese salad

My resent visit to the vegetable market inspired this salad. They where selling fresh beetroot and carrots from the sunny island of Gotland. Gotland is a large island off the Swedish coast in the East Sea. I returned from Gotland this Monday after spending a week  there with my two sons and some close friends of mine and their sons.
It was the “Medieval week” in Visby and the whole city was packed with people dressed in medieval clothing including a wast number of knights. Casper, my oldest walked around with a constant smile on his face and kept on pointing out all the knights with swords.

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Warm Potato salad with Chanterelle, Broad beans and Dill


If you happened to be out in the forest  just outside a small place called Säter in the north of Sweden two days ago and heard a loud scream then that must have been me!
I travelled up there with my father and two sons to visit Ingrid in her country house. I wanted to make the most of having her and my father at hand and so I put my  wellies on and headed into the forest for a mushroom hunt and a couple of child free hours of peace. Just me, the forest and million mosquitoes.

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Forbidden black Rice salad with Mango and Prawns

FullSizeRender (15)

According to legend, only the Chinese emperors and nobility were allowed to eat black rice. They believed that eating the rice would protect them from illness and provide a longer life. During China’s Ming dynasty possession of black rice by the common people was a capital crime. This is how the rice it got it’s name “forbidden” rice.

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Asian slaw with Mint and Peanuts

FullSizeRender (6)

We are off on holiday next week so I’m trying to use up everything we have in the fringe and freezer. This is the perfect recipe to make that last piece of cabbage in the back of the fridge get a new life. On this occasion we had the salad together with pan fried sea bass fillets. My 4 year old got a version of the salad without the dressing as I make it spicy (if you don’t like spice just leave the chilli out) and a side of steamed rice and off course the fish.

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