Salted Almond and Chocolate Treats

These little treats are so delicious I have to stop myself not eating all of them at once. I have a two at the time limit! They are on the right side of sweet, not too sweet, with the sea salt taking them to an other level. The batch I made yesterday is nearly finished so I need to make an other batch (or two) before my mother arrives next week. She loves these!
They are easy to make, just a little fiddly to cover in chocolate. Do the toothpick trick I describe below as this will make the process easier. I used a milk free good quality chocolate so the treats are suitable for vegans.

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Vegan Apple and Cinnamon Cake


My friend and her son was coming over for a “play date” after school so I decided to make a cake. I altered the recipe from the Vegan Redcurrant and Coconut cake recipe, that I posted during the summer, to fit the season. As it is the best time for the Great British apple, I ended up making a apple and cinnamon cake. The cake was good, but the play date was a bit of a disaster…..Casper was rude to the boy and said he didn’t want to play…..I was left embarrassed and threatened no TV for a week. He later explained he wanted to go to their house so we decided we will give it an other try next week at theirs!
This is not your normal sponge cake. It has a nice sticky and gooey texture. Perfect for a cold autumn afternoon with a hot cup of tea.

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Walnut and Nutmeg energy balls

When we where younger our father used to make a cake called Žito. He called it “Stone cake”. This cake is traditionally eaten during Slava, a Serbian Orthodox tradition celebration the family’s patron saint. The cake is made by boiling whole wheat grains and then adding cream, sugar, ground walnuts and nutmeg. It was not the most appetizing looking cake, like it’s name it looked like a grey stone, but the flavour was great!
The cake came to mind after taking to my father the other day. He is going to Belgrade for the Autumn to do some writing and hold a talk at the institution of Time. There is a bakery in central Belgrade that sell the most amazing Žito, served with whipped cream.
These energy balled are nothing like the cake but the flavour of walnut and nutmeg inspired them. They only take minutes to make,
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Vegan Redcurrant and Coconut cake


The little birds in my mothers garden loves the redcurrant bush and sits at the top branches and munch away on the berries most days.
My mother made a lovely redcurrant cake the other day and after tasting it I wanted to recreate a healthier version.
I was very pleased with the result. The cake was nice and moist and had a dense consistency. The balance between sweet and sour worked really well.

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Vegan Strawberry Ice cream

We went to the “pick your own” farm outside Uppsala to take home some strawberries. It had rained the night before so the fields where covered in mud under the straw.
The girl who showed us where to pick kindly advised that they where recommending bringing boots on their website. I had totally missed this note when checking opening hours! Casper and I tip toed into the field in open sandals with Harry in baby carrier on my front.

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Vegan Blueberry crumble

FullSizeRender (21)

We enjoyed an early dinner at my father’s (my Tata) the other day. He lives next to the city forest in Uppsala. This a a wonderful place to enjoy walks, exercise or some foraging.
After dinner we went out for a walk. The forest is filled with blueberries and we picked just enough for a blueberry crumble before the mosquitoes started having a feast on us!

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Chocolate energy balls


I found myself spending a lot of money on nicely packaged energy bars to get a quick energy fix after training. After looking at the ingredient list I discovered that most seem to contain 50/50 dates to nuts.
I gave these a try together with my son Casper and upped the nut content to make them less sweet and added cacao powder as Casper loves dark chocolate. We both loved them! And best of all they only take about 15 minutes to make.

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